VideoMinutes, Streaming Media for Training Video Hosting and Archiving

Training with VideoMinutes.NET: Host and Archive Your Training Videos Online

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Develop Your Own Library of Online Training Videos

With CDS’ MakeAMotion and VideoMinutes solutions, developing and managing training and educational videos has never been easier. Cut training costs and travel expenses significantly by capturing your training sessions with the MakeAMotion capture system and providing access to a library of archived training and educational videos online with VideoMinutes' hosting and archiving services.

There’s no longer a need to conduct the same training numerous times to various audiences. Do it once and it’s available to all staff from any location at any time – 24/7, freeing up instructor time to conduct and video capture new sessions.

  • Enhances training accessibility
  • Reduces training expenses
  • Avoids scheduling conflicts
  • Eliminates training travel
  • Allows students to progress at their own pace
  • Provides opportunity to refresh skills at any time

In addition to watching the instructional videos, students can refer to support documents available in PDF format and provided on the video player page. Each chapter is linked so that the viewer can revisit any particular area where clarification or review is needed. An instructor comment box has been placed by each chapter link, providing a venue for students to email the course instructor questions or comments regarding the content covered in that particular section of the video.