VideoMinutes, Streaming Media for Government and Online Meeting Hosting and Archiving

A Video History of Governmental Meetings
Collecting, preserving, and providing access to records

Video archives are invaluable when doing research and are a great benefit when information needs to be confirmed. Having a complete and accurate account provides distinct advantages when exploring the details, information, and public sentiment on issues discussed.

It's important to keep in mind, however, that the larger the archive and the more "views" it receives, the higher the required bandwidth will be to store the content. Outsourcing to a hosting provider, such as CDS, avoids the overload of internal servers.

Hosting and Archiving Options

CDS offers a variety of monthly hosting and archiving packages, including a pay per minute pricing option. These options are dependent on a client's needs in terms of the number of video hours (per month) that would be live-streamed and/or archived and the length of the desired publishing and archiving cycle. Consider how many meetings a month you would want live streamed and/or archived, the duration of those meetings, and for how long (months or years) you want them available online.

No matter which option you choose, the following features are included:

  • Agenda linkage to the video file
  • Assorted downloadable software tools and utilities to prepare and upload video files
  • Full server and cluster management, systems maintenance, backups and administration
  • Search function allows searching by agenda topic
  • Optional comment feature for constituent feedback

CDS will help you analyze your needs to determine the best package for your community.

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