Provide a library of meeting videos — Linked directly from your website

VideoMinutes is a premier hosting and archiving solution, which allows clients to easily process, upload and publish video and audio from various meetings to their web site, as well as archive the complete library of meeting videos for future reference and research.

Developed to meet the needs of a wired and connected public, VideoMinutes provides constituents with live and/or on-demand meeting coverage that keeps them informed, involved and supportive of community initiatives and decisions—enhancing the public's access to the most important public information. This reduces the number of Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests and the costs and time involved with fulfilling them.

Need quality video capture for your meetings?

Check out our automixing video/audio capture and encoding appliance, MakeAMotion.NET, for simple, effective meeting capture.

Custom designed web page features your meeting video with linked agenda items

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